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Use Bento Cam to capture and organize travel photos
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Bento Cam for travellers

Of all the things we take photos of, nothing quite amasses the same volume as travelling. Whether it’s a short weekend get-away or a longer trip to somewhere exotic, travel photos still makes up the majority of photos in many people’s camera rolls.

So why do we take so many photos when we go on the road? There are many different answers to that question – and we don’t necessarily know the right one. Maybe it’s simply because we’re there, and we want to convey just how amazing it was – even if that is often impossible. Or maybe it’s a way of helping us remember a moment in time, as the act of taking the photo itself can help us remember.

Regardless of why we take so many photos, here are some tips on how you can best use Bento Cam to take and manage your photos when you’re travelling.

1. Get inspired

Before you have even decided where to go on your next trip you might pick up inspiration from your surroundings. This could be a travel book, an Instagram post (that you screenshot), a poster, and the list goes on. You could put all these in a collection called “Travel inspiration”.

If you already know your next destination, you can also create an inspiration collection for that trip specifically. Again, Instagram photos, magazine articles, books, and so on can all go into “Lisbon inspiration” (or wherever the trip goes).

Note: In Bento Cam private beta, there is no ability to pull in existing photos and screenshots, but this feature is already built, and will be implemented for the public beta release (expected late-August).

Use Bento Cam to capture photos from magazine articles and screenshots to inspire and plan your next vacation.

2. Plan ahead

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

By preparing a few collections before you jump on the plane, or get in the car, you might have just increased the likelihood of returning with all your vacations snaps organized just the way you need them.

Say your’re a foodie going to New York for a week and often post reviews to Yelp with nice images accompanying the review. In this case you might create a collection called “NYC Yelp Photos”, “NYC Restaurants” or similar in addition to a “New York 2016” collection where most of your photos would otherwise go. If you’re a street photographer with a major following on Instagram you could add a “NYC Street Photography”, collection, and so on.

The point is, having already prepared a few collections from home will make it easier to snap pictures spontaneously, without loosing these photos to the dark void that is the camera roll.

3. Save travel photos locally, and export later

There are two different approaches to taking photos and organizing them with Bento Cam when you find yourself in a situation without constant access to the internet – which is often the case on trips and vacations outside of the country.

If you store your photos in Dropbox or Google Drive, then you can connect collections in Bento Cam directly to both of these services. When you’re without a connection and take photos with Bento Cam, we will make sure that photos are still saved, and uploaded when you are connected to the internet again.

The other, and better approach (we think), is to save your vacation photos locally on your phone with Bento Cam collections connected to iOS Photos. This way your photos are instantly saved to your collections, and you can access them again whenever you want to see them – since no internet connection is needed.

You can then simply – through Bento Cam – export your collections to Dropbox and Google Drive when you are back from your trip. This creates a duplicate of the collection, and you are now free to delete the locally stored photos if you no longer need them.

Save photos to iOS collections and easily export to Dropbox or Google Drive later

4. Get rid of the photos you don’t need

By using the above approach, saving photos locally when you are without internet, you are free to access photos whenever you are taking a pit stop at a cafe or back in the hotel room.

The fact that you now have one or more dedicated collections relating to your trip, makes it super easy to review them on the go and get rid of the photos you don’t want to keep. The result is that you’ll likely come back with fewer and better photos that are already organized and ready to use.

5. Share photos with friends and family when you are back home

One of the main reasons for taking photos when travelling is to revisit the memories you created once you are back home again. And even more important, to share these memories with friends, families, colleagues and whoever wants to see them.

With Bento Cam this can be done in several ways:

Photos can be shared individually to social channels, email, etc., directly from within Bento Cam collections. But you can also share the entire collection of travel photos if it’s connected to Dropbox or Google Drive. This is easily done by clicking options (the three dots at the right of each collection) in the view collection screen (or from within the collection).

Since this is not a feature of iOS Photos, you can not do the same with those collections saved locally. A good alternative is to open the collection, click “select”, and “then “select all”. You can now open the share option (bottom left), and choose iCloud Photo Sharing, where you can share your photos with other iCloud users.

On collections connected to Dropbox or Google Drive, Click options (3 dots to the right) and share direct link to photos with family and friends

6: Use preset mode to save photos instantly

Don’t forget, when you expect to take several photos in the same collection, use “preset mode”.

This way you don’t have to actively save your photos to a collection at every use, but rather photos are instantly saved to the pre-defined collection.

Use preset mode to save photos instantly

We hope Bento Cam will make it easier for you to enjoy and share the photos you take from your many adventures around the world. If you have any questions or comments, maybe even a good tip, please leave a comment!

If you are not using Bento Cam and interested to try it out before we go live, you can download it from right here.

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