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We've launched! - Bento Cam for iOS
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Bento Cam is now available in Public Beta on the App Store!

We are extremely excited to officially launch our iOS app, free in the App Store. Bento Cam is a new camera app that helps busy people manage their thousands of photos across multiple platforms on the go. 


Essentially, smartphones have forever changed how and why we take photos. From artistic self-expression to photographing a serial number as a reminder for later, we’re taking more photos than ever before. Yet organizing photos, fails to be an enjoyable endeavour. We’re here to try to change that.

Just a few of the photo problems that we have set out to solve with this first version are:

  • “Organizing my photos takes forever” – when you take photos with your iPhone today, regardless of what they’re for, they end up in the same place (your camera roll). The chances of you “going back later” to organize or use them are minimal. And if you do, you often have to scroll through 1000s of irrelevant photos to find the ones you need to find, taking up valuable time, and creating potentially embarrassing situations – especially in a work setting. With Bento Cam, you’ll be asked to choose a collection in the moment, right after taking a photo, to solve this problem.
  • I email photos to myself if I need them for work” – whether it is to scan receipts, remember whiteboard notes or capture inspiration, we have made it easy to connect your collections directly to Dropbox or Google Drive (more coming soon) so that your photos are instantly shared to relevant folders, without having to email them to yourself (it helps save space on your phone too…).
  • “I can never find the photos I need” – by ensuring that each photo is sorted into a relevant collection by client, project, hobby, event, etc., no time is wasted finding photos when they are needed. The little time spent up front creating collections that cover the different types of photos you take for work or life, turn in to a lot of time saved scrolling through the camera roll looking for photos. 

Who is Bento Cam for?

Bento Cam is for everyone who takes a lot of photos for a range of different purposes. When we look at the feedback we’ve received so far from our beta users, those people who cannot live without the app, use it as an invaluable tool for managing photos they take in the context of work – to manage and keep separate different projects and clients – often across multiple cloud storage services.

Many of the same users also use the app to manage photos for their personal lives, of their hobbies, projects, families, events, travels, etc., and we believe that this use, across work, life and travel, provides a compelling use case for Bento Cam.

What’s next

Today, we’re releasing our Public Beta officially in the App Store. However, this is only the beginning. We’ll be actively developing Bento Cam, adding new features & functionality and incorporating feedback from our users. Needless to say we’ll be more than happy to hear your thoughts on the app, so we can keep improving!

What can you expect in the next few months? Here are a few things we are super excited about:

  • Adding more integrations like Microsoft One Drive (next integration to be introduced), to help you distribute your photos wherever you need them to be. More integrations are in the pipeline and we will keep you updated as we roll them out.
  • Smart suggestions to help you add collections on the go based on where you are, relevant events in the area or popular collections in your network.
  • Making the app sleeker, friendlier and faster to use while on the go

So don’t be shy, feel free to reach out to us at hello@heybento.com. You can also watch our video at www.heybento.com or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

As a final note, we  want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing private beta testers, who have really helped shape Bento Cam into what it is today.


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With Love,
Angie Lim
Co-founder & CEO, Bento Cam

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