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Pro tip: The one collection everyone needs to create in Bento Cam - Bento Cam for iOS
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Because you have photos that weren’t meant to last forever

We can probably all agree that the way we take photos today has changed quite a bit from the analog days of being limited to a roll of 24 photos, where every photo counted. Today, in a world of smartphones with high quality cameras and nearly unlimited storage space, it has become tremendously easy to just snap away – without necessarily considering why we take every individual photo.

As a result, the purpose of our photos has changed. While a lot of these photos are still meant for keeping – there are a lot that are meant for deleting after they have served their purpose (I’m looking at you photo of a coat check ticket!). These weren’t meant to be kept forever.

Create photo collection: Temporary

For this reason, in order to succeed with keeping your photos neatly organized with Bento Cam,  you need a collection called: TEMPORARY.

Having this collection allows you to quickly save all these practical / utilitarian photos and subsequently deleting them again after you don’t need them anymore. Since you know exactly where you put them, and why you put them thereyou can easily get rid of them whenever you want.

Other types of temporary collections you may need

Other examples of collections you could make for photos that you might not need forever are:

  • STUFF TO REMEMBER: these can include things like a quote, a wine bottle label, a museum description cards that you want to remember for a later time, or just have it because it’s so darned inspirational. You should keep them here, so that you never have to scroll through to enjoy the again – relive the inspiration right within the collection!
  • INSTA-MOMENTS: many of our users take a lot of photos of beautiful and abstract things for the sole purpose of posting it to Instagram (or another social network). You can go ahead and file all of these photos here, and when you’re ready to post, you’ll have them at your disposal! You can also always decide of course, whether to keep the original photo forever after it’s shared.
  • RANDOM / FUN: often we take photos of a fun moment / thing, that you’re dying to show a friend, but don’t have time to share it immediately. Save it here! Then when you’ve shared it with a friend, or to a social network, you know they’re nicely organised here for your decluttering pleasure.

What about you, do you have any other tips for potential collections, or for keeping your photos organized with Bento Cam? Please let us know by commenting below – we’d love to hear and learn from you!

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