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Getting started with Bento Cam - Bento Cam for iOS
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Since you’re reading this blog post you might already be using Bento Cam or you’re considering it (Do it! Download here). We’re super excited about that, and we hope you will love using it as much as we do. In this blog post we’ll give you a few tips on how to get started with Bento Cam and get the most out of the app.

The best way to illustrate this is to simply show you how I have organised my own Bento Cam, and hopefully this will give you some inspiration as to how you can organize your own photos with Bento Cam.

1. Start with the “Why”

We know you take a lot of photos, but if you find yourself taking a lot of photos for a lot of different purposes, then Bento Cam is definitely for you! What we recommend is to think about all the different situations you take photos, this could be for work, for life, for events, or vacations – and then consider why you want to store it? Was it to remember, to keep, to share with someone? This will all help you to decide what to name your album so that it gives you the most value, and where to put your photos.

2. Create albums

First start off with simply creating an album by tapping the plus sign (“+”) located on the upper right corner of your “My Albums” view or in the “Save to Album” view which appears after you have taken a photo(s). Note: Albums were up until recently called “Collections”.


Choose a name for your album (remember, be specific as possible!), colour and the location of where you want the photo to be stored. You can also choose between a default folder named after your album (simply by tapping the service) or select the three dots on the right to save to an existing folder on Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. Or if you’d prefer to have it on your phone, simply save it to an iOS album or a private album. This means, the next time you take a photo and choose this album, your new photos will end up in that specific folder at the location you choose! Magic.

How to create an album: choose a name of your album, colour and where you want the photos to be saved to (eg: Dropbox, Google Drive or iOS album).


3. Sort by colour

Being a co-founder of Bento Cam I naturally have a range of albums and I use the colours to help manage things between my personal and work-life at Bento. For example, “Yellow” is where I store all of my Bento related work albums.


  • Receipts: We save all our receipts to a shared Google Drive folder. It makes it easy for us to process them once a week.
  • Vibes: This is where we all share photos taken around the office and at events we go to together. We save these to Dropbox.
  • Sketches: When we paper prototype and sketch someone often needs to implement it somehow, so we need it stored digitally.
  • Whiteboard notes: We use several whiteboards to write down to-do’s, etc. Since we are often on the go and working from different locations, it’s nice to have these notes at hand when needed.
  • Video shoot: We spent a day shooting video for our new explainer video, so naturally we wanted the photos from that day stored safely in Dropbox.

4. Vacations and events deserve a colour of their own

Then I have a separate color reserved for vacations and events, etc. So far I have created:


  • Italy 2016: Photos from a family vacation. Saving photos directly to Dropbox have allowed me to easily share the link to my photos with my family. We all contributed to the same Dropbox folder.
  • Vinni’s 30th birthday: My girlfriend’s 30th birthday, lots of photos to share with friends and family.
  • Deemly beta launch: Photos from the beta launch of a Copenhagen startup called Deemly.
  • Republikken summer party: We are currently working from Republikken co-working space in Copenhagen, and recently attended their summer party.
  • Distortion 2016: Annual street party in Copenhagen that generates a lot of great photo-ops!

5. Hobbies and project albums for the super busy

Next I have all the albums related to my hobbies and home projects grouped together:


  • Home inspiration: Being interested in interior design, I have a folder for storing photos of things that provide inspiration for the apartment, that is shared with my girlfriend.
  • 3 Heroes Brewing: Together with a group of friends I make my own beer, and naturally we want to document every step of this process so we can look back on it once we have launched a global beer brand (finger’s crossed).
  • Travel buddies: I have an old group of friends that I meet with at least once a month, and go travelling with once a year. We all contribute photos to a Dropbox-connected album whenever we meet.
  • CPH food: I love food, and the food scene in Copenhagen is great, so there’s always a new place to try out, and to snap pictures of (yeah, I’m one of those people…).
  • CPH streets: Using Bento Cam has made me aware f how many photos I take around the city, anytime I’m out and about.

6. Colour for your loved ones

The orange group of albums I have reserved for individual or groups of people that I take a lot of photos of, among others my two nephews who constantly provide great photo op’s! Saving these photos to Dropbox makes it easy for me to share them with the rest of the family, who are always happy to see what the kids are up to. I have removed the names in this example (for the sake of privacy), but you get the idea.


7. Not sure which album? It’s okay!

The last colour, purple is where I put all the “rest”, that is not easily grouped or classified. Because sometimes you just aren’t sure whether you’re going to take more photos within that album again. So a tip here is just to put it in a album anyway, so in the future you don’t need to clean these photos up, you can just delete the entire album!


  • Temporary: This is where I put all the photos I KNOW for sure I only need for a few hours or days. This makes it easy for me to locate them again and delete them when I don’t need them anymore. This could be something like a photo of a phone number off of a physical letter that I need later in the day.
  • Stuff to remember: Yup this is a huge reason to take photos for a lot of people, me included. This could be a recipe in a magazine that I need to try later.
  • Random: Sometimes a photo is truly random and you don’t really know why you take it.
  • Fun: Reserved for fun posters, quotes, situations, etc.
  • Insta moments: I realized that a lot of the photos I take, and I suspect this is true for others as well, is for the sole purpose of sharing it – in my case to Instagram, but for others it could be other social networks, or directly with friends. So I put those photos here, so they are at hand when I want to share on instagram.

Bento Cam is still new – even to me, so I’m sure my current way of organising photos will change in the future as more albums are added, and new categories of photos appear, but so far, this way of organising my albums has more or less covered all the photos I take.

There are definitely more fun ways to customise and play with your Bento Cam! If you think you’ve come up with a pretty genius system, please share the inspiration, we would love to hear from you!

Rasmus Lønne, co-founder of Bento Cam.
Find him on Twitter @RLnne

About Bento Cam

Bento Cam is a camera app for iPhone that seeks to solve one of the emergent effects of the smartphone revolution: The explosive number of photos people take for work and life. The app helps you capture, organise and use all these photos in a fast and productive way by instantly organising them into albums that can be connected to existing workflows (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive). Read more about Bento Cam here.

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