Here’s why Bento Cam is free, and will remain free

Usually when companies offer free services, the immediate suspicion is they will be selling your data to make money. And certainly as a startup, it is an attractive method to generate the necessary revenue to ensure the business can sustain its free services to users. However, it is important for us to establish that Bento Cam does not believe in selling data or any part of your account to anyone and never will.

It’s simple: the basic services in the app are free and will always be free, because we believe in building trust, creating value and creating a community of users based on a two-way relationship: you need an app to help you organize your photos, and we need a lot of users (free or paid) to use the app so we can continually learn and improve the app.

If we sell our users’ data or annoy them with ads at any part of their experience in the app, we lose their trust and significantly decrease the perceived value of the app. And that to us, is not acceptable.

Then why do I have to create an account?

When you sign up for an account with Bento Cam, we store your preferences (such as default saving locations and your connection to Dropbox for example) on a secure server backup so you never have to worry about losing your collection settings (and have to log into Dropbox each time you use the app).

That means, that if anything should happen to the app, you will not have to recreate the countless collections you’ve created in Bento Cam when you re-download the app. That is the only reason we ask you to create an account.

But then how will you make money?

That is a really good question. Right now, Bento Cam is a fully bootstrapped and self-financed startup with three people working full time to make the best possible product. Our ultimate goal at this stage of the company is to understand how to fix the photo mess that has evolved as a result of the emergent effects of the superpower smart phone. Like the early Dropbox days, there are many players in the market with proposed solutions, but not one player who has mass market adoption.

Our belief is that with the help of our users, we can create a product that is so good, that people will rely on it to capture and manage their photos on a daily basis. And of those people, we hope that a percentage of those users will be willing to pay for a premium upgrade that will give access to additional integrations and functionality. This is how we plan to continue doing what we love.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to read our very transparent terms and privacy policy or reach out to us directly at We are always happy to hear from you!

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