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Create your own event camera at Roskilde Festival - Bento Cam for iOS
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How to create an easily shareable Roskilde Festival photo collection


The largest North European culture and music festival officially starts this weekend and if you’re one of the lucky 130,000 attending, it’s undeniable that you will end up taking a photo (or three) of the infamous and iconic orange stage (see below). And if you’re prepared, you would have already bought a subscription to Volt charging services to make sure you never miss capturing a moment.

You’ll not only take photos of the main stage once, but twice, maybe even three times depending on the time of day, the bands you visit and if they have any special effects worth documenting. You’ll also take photos of Apollo, your camp, the wonderfully curated food stalls, the events, Dream city, the garbage that will begin to accumulate, your friends and most importantly, to capture the @orangefeeling that exists only at Roskilde Festival during this week, once a year.

Postcard from Roskilde: Wish you were here. #rf15

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And then, the festival is over. Your camera roll full of amazing memories to enjoy within a week, then promises of sharing with others never fulfilled, because life after Roskilde Festival gets back into its own momentum of craziness. But thanks to Bento Cam, they don’t necessarily have to end up in the “meant to be shared” graveyard.

Last night over Roskilde. #rf15 #powertogo

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It’s no secret. The key to successful organization starts with sorting. And this is Bento Cam’s secret sauce: organise your photos instantly as you take them! You can create your very own event camera for Roskilde Festival in less than it takes to chug your first beer. Just make sure to connect the collection to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Then from within the app, you can easily share the link with friends!

See below for some inspiration on collection names to create for the festival! For more information on how to create a collection and what collections to create, you can also check out our simple Getting Started guide.

Create Roskilde Festival

To save even more time, slide over to the left on the camera and choose your collection in Preset mode! Every single photo you take from this point forward will go directly into that collection hosted on whichever service you chose. Instantly!

Choose preset bento cam

When you are ready to share the collection (they must be created on Dropbox or Google Drive to do this), then just click on the three little dots next to it and “Share Collection”. From here you will be able to share via any channel you’d like (here is an example via text message), which includes the direct link to your shared folder. Easy!

Bento Cam - Share collection

Ready to conquer your photo management at Roskilde Festival? We’d love to see how you manage your #orangefeeling and #RF16 moments. Feel free to share a screenshot of your collection screen with us at @bentocam on Twitter or @bentocamapp on Instagram! Rock on.

Avavav sets Apollo 2.0 on fire tonight! #rf15 #poweron #avavav #techno #apollo

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With love,

Bento Cam

Oh, if you want to try out Bento Cam, you can sign up for our private beta here.

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