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77 potential photo collections to create in Bento Cam - Bento Cam for iOS
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Need inspiration? A list of useful photo collections for busy people

There are millions of reasons why you would take a photo, from capturing a completely random moment, to documenting something to remember – the list of possibilities is endless. But in order for you to make use of these photos later, it is important that they are easy to find. That is why with Bento Cam, creating collections is incredibly easy (and free!). But how do you choose what to name your collection for long term organisation success? Here are a few examples for you split out by 11 of our most popular collection types.

Bento Cam - 77 photo collections to create



1. My Home
2. Home Decor Ideas
3. Kitchen Inspiration
4. Bathroom Ideas
5. Things to buy for the home
6. Home renovation
7. My food/cooking/baking



8. My love
9. Boyfriend/Girlfriends name
10. Family time
11. Dinner/brunch with in-laws
12. New son/daughter/nephew/niece’s name
13. Pets



14. Wine/beer I like
15. Sneakers/shoes I like
16. Cars I like
17. Styles I like
18. Bikes I like

Notes / memory


19. Temporary
20. Random
21. Stuff to remember/look up
22. Insta Moments
23. Upload to Yelp
24. Rebate/discount codes
25. Songs to Download
26. Restaurants I want to try
27. My parking spot
28. Stuff to share with [name]
29. Funny stuff



30. My garden
31. Workout/fitness/crossfit progress
32. Furniture building
33. Sewing project
34. Pickling
35. DIY [project]
36. Baking experiments



37. Sarah’s 30th Birthday
38. Jane and Kevin’s Wedding
39. Grandparent’s 60th Anniversary
40. Summer Party
41. Coachella Music Festival 2016
42. Concerts / Clubs / Nightlife
43. Launch Party
44. Engagement Shoot
45. Bridal Shower
46. Baby Shower



47. My beautiful city
48. Dinner club
49. Language class notes
50. Stand up paddling lessons
51. Food and friends
52. Local restaurants
53. Workout selfies
54. Beach Days

Travel / vacation 


55. Beautiful Copenhagen
56. Weekend in Paris
57. New York 2016
58. Food in Hong Kong
59. Tokyo Street Art



60. Flowers
61. Nature
62. Sunsets
63. Architecture
64. Food/restaurants
65. Food shots



66. Travel Receipts
67. Business Expenses
68. App Sketches
69. UX Meeting Whiteboards
70. Business cards
71. SXSW Conference
72. WWDC 2016
73. Office and Team Vibes

Important documents


74. Travel-related (eg. itineraries, passport, visas)
Car-related (eg. license, parking tickets, insurance, registration)
76. Home-related (eg. rental contract, warranties, receipts)
77.Bank-related (eg. pin codes, contracts)

We will continue to evolve and add to this list as we discover new possibilities for Bento Cam. But would love to hear from you and what kinds of collections you’ve been creating for your photos. Please reach out to us at hello@heybento.com or just comment below!

With love,

Co-founder, Bento Cam


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