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For Architects - Bento Cam for iOS
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Meet Elle.

Architect in Training and serial creative from New York City.


Q & A

What is your name and job title?

Ely Duran, Assoc. AIA, Retail Studio

How do you use Bento Cam?

"I use Bento as a built-in filing system for my active construction projects! I set labels for each project and shoot in the "preset" mode so that I know exactly which photos correspond to which project. Sometimes when you're shooting the small details it can be hard to tell projects apart, but this has made it much easier because I'm taking photos within an organized system rather than shooting now and sorting later."

What are your favourite collections?

"It's hard to choose a favorite collection, but I love each of my projects. Having the collection is a great way to walk through the evolution of a space and see for yourself how much you've accomplished."

Why is Bento Cam important for architects?

"Bento Cam takes a lot of the work out of site visits because it gives you full control of organizing your documentation from the start. For example, in a multi-story project you can create collections for each level, or make a new collection for your punchlist, separate from your general progress photos."

Any other ideas on how to best use Bento Cam?

"I even use Bento for outside of work to group together family vacation photos, photos for my blog (elleduran.com), and inspiration for finishes, colors, fixtures, etc. I'm an organization freak, so Bento Cam helps me keep my digital space sorted."

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