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Private beta: version June 21 - Bento Cam for iOS
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After months of hard work, Bento Cam is officially in the hands of our private beta testers! We are extremely excited to see the app in the real world in order to start learning from our users in order to make this photo management camera app, the best it can be. And after a week of testing, we have released our first update that addresses some of the issues and fixes discovered by our beloved testers. Please make sure to open your app to get the latest update or simply look in your email for a new email from TestFlight!

Private beta team


  • Links updated: Terms, FAQ, Privacy
  • Colour collections now have names
  • Facebook login/signup issues
  • Dropbox and Google Drive login issues
  • Some overall tweaks to improve UI
  • There is now a logout button

What’s new:

  • Swipe across your “My Collections” view to filter colour collections
  • Unused colour filters, now disappear
  • Edge swipe, swipe to get back to previous screen
  • Share Bento easily is now available on the app

On the right: shot of the Bento Cam team (from left: Angie, Sin, Andrei and Rasmus) using actual “Preset” mode from the app.

Frequently asked questions this week:


    • Are my photos saved in the original quality? Yes they are! We don’t want to compromise on the quality! So the original photo you take from your phone is the version that is saved to your phone as well as to third party services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.


    • Who can see my photos? Only you and the people you share folders with through Google Drive and Dropbox. Bento Cam doesn’t store any of your photos locally and has no access to them. The only reason we ask for access is so that we have the permission to save your photos to your iOS albums as well as retrieve them in order to show them to you again in your collection view.


    • Can I change the location of photos in collection settings? It is only possible to change the name and colour of a collection for now. Changing the location takes a bit of work to manage photos and exporting them for the user on the backend, but it is definitely in the pipeline!


    • What does the number next to my collections mean? This is the number of photos in that collection that are queued for uploading to either Dropbox or Google Drive.


    • Can I choose a custom folder location in Dropbox or Google Drive? Absolutely! Just select the three grey dots beside the service name when you create a new collection.


  • My photos are stuck in upload (numbers are not moving)! What should I do? First, don’t worry. If there are numbers in the red box in your “My Collections” view, all of your photos are saved on your phone. Getting stuck in upload can happen for a few different reasons.
    • If you are not online (i.e. mobile data or WiFi) – check to make sure you are connected to the internet.
    • If the internet connection is slow, it may appear that it is stuck
    • If you have lost connection to Dropbox or Google Drive (in which case, try to reconnect) by heading to “Settings” and tapping on your respective account profiles

If you have any questions at all, please check out more on our FAQ page or reach out to us directly at hello@heybento.com we are always happy to hear from you!

Co-founder, Hey Bento



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