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Private Beta Update: July 8 - Bento Cam for iOS
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Better, faster, much improved camera in this update!

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Not only is the camera better, one of the most requested features of the last build is now included. You can now easily import existing albums from your iOS phone and export iOS albums to Dropbox or Google Drive! So if you have created an iOS album and want to share photos, simply export to either cloud service and then click “Share Collection” to easily share the album link with friends! Here are a few more features and fixes to enjoy in this second Bento Cam update.


  • Import existing created iOS albums into Bento Cam
  • Export iOS albums to Dropbox or Google Drive
  • New activity progress indicator, so you can see the progress of your photos uploading
  • New refresh button, you can now trigger upload should the photo upload stop
  • New welcome message to get started
  • You can now select and delete multiple photos in individual collection view


  • Camera now opens instantly, no waiting for user data to be retrieved
  • Offline access of collections now available (as long as you have loaded your collections before your internet is cut off, they are available)
  • Shorter onboarding process with no primer screens
  • Plus sign “+” now on single photos, so you know you can take multiple photos
  • General bugs related to the use of the app

Most frequently asked questions this week:

  • Can I import existing iOS albums to Bento Cam? Yes! Simply create a new collection by tapping the “+” sign when you see it, then select “Import Existing Album”. A list of your albums will appear. Just choose the one you want and click the checkmark. Your iOS album is now a collection in Bento Cam!
  • Can I export iOS collections? Yes! Open the “Collection Settings” for your chosen collection and from here select one of the options to export to in “Export and create new collection”. Hint: if you click the “More” button (three dots) you can choose to export to a custom folder! You will then have both your original iOS collection as well as the new collection with exported photos. You can then choose to delete the old collection with all photos on iOS once your photos are all exported to the new location!

And as always, if you have any questions at all, please check out more on our FAQ page or reach out to us directly at hello@heybento.com we are always happy to hear from you! Or if you are just anxious to try the app, feel free to join our beta by clicking here.

Happy photo taking!

Co-founder, Bento Cam

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