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About - Bento Cam for iOS
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About Bento Cam

To us, the smartphone camera is no longer just a device for capturing precious moments in time. It has become a tool. A tool for documenting and organizing thoughts, projects, processes and more. A tool for collaboration, sharing, inspiration, validation, and being productive in work and life. And yes, for capturing those precious moments in time we want to keep forever.

The problem?

As the ability to take photos gets easier, sorting through hundreds and thousands of photos, only gets tougher. Today we have photos of receipts, meeting notes, and all sorts of photos taken for work, mixed in with photos of our kids, vacations, and birthday parties. And what’s more - these photos are often stored across multiple devices and services, making it really hard to find the photos you need, when you need them. For personal life, this might just be considered a tedious task, but when it comes to photos for work, the ability to find what you need, when you need it, is a simple matter of productivity.

While there are plenty of services for sharing photos with friends and backing up precious memories, there are few that focus on the increasingly frequent use of the smartphone camera as a productivity tool for work - for taking photos across clients, projects and events to reference, share with colleagues or store for later use.

This is where Bento can help. We separate your work photos from your personal photos, we make it easy to organise them according to clients, projects and more, and we sync with workplace cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Our Story

Angie Lim and Rasmus Lønne co-founded Bento Cam in late 2015 after leaving their agency jobs to dedicate themselves full time to combatting photo clutter.

Having enjoyed working together for a year and a half and sharing a similar passion for entrepreneurship, solving problems and trying new things the move seemed natural.

The first inkling of an idea came to co-founders Angie and Rasmus after having attended South by Southwest conference in 2015 as part of their previous jobs as consultants. The amount of photos taken at the event from everything to the “important” - photos of slides from the different speaker events, business cards, to the “fun” photos - the food shots, party pics, etc. proved hard to manage, and share after the event, when photos had to be located and used for different purposes. But for Angie, this never ended up happening as her phone got stolen and the photos never lived up to their true potential. And the idea for Bento Cam was born!


Angie Lim, Co-founder and CEO

A proud Canadian export hailing from ‘The 6’ living in Copenhagen who believes in good vibes, hard work and the Pareto principle. Business major with 8+ years experience in helping startups and corporates to understand and connect with their customers. Made a game in C++, lived in Costa Rica and loves good beer.

On her camera roll: Food, App Screenshots and "potential" Instagram photos that never make it.

Rasmus Lønne, Co-founder and CMO

A multipotentialite with a background in game design, journalism, and marketing who is passionate about building great brands and great experiences. Travelled extensively, lived in Argentina, is a vegan-(ish) foodie.

On his camera roll: Pictures of his nephews, receipts, and meeting notes (mostly Angie’s unreadable doodles)