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Bento Cam for iOS - Smart photo management for busy people
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Your project photos organized, in one place

Try Bento to capture and organize concept ideas, progress and everything else to create a successful project.

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Bento Cam is there for the whole project

Take a photo and add to your project album in a matter of seconds. So, whether you're an architect looking to keep track of site progress or a designer who wants to quickly save his sketches in one place, Bento Cam is designed to be fully-customisable to your professional and personal organizational needs.

  • Architects Use Bento as a filing system for all active construction projects. Keep track of references and more.
  • Event Planners Use Bento to keep track of inspiring ideas you have everyday for your upcoming events.
  • Designers Use Bento to take photos of all your sketches that you do on paper or on the whiteboard.

Stay organized, on site

"I use Bento as a built-in filing system for my active construction projects! I set labels for each project and shoot in the "preset" mode so that I know exactly which photos correspond to which project."

Ely Duran, Assoc. AIA, Retail Studio
New York City, USA

Read more about how Elle uses Bento Cam


Capture today, reference tomorrow

"As an event planner, I look for ideas and inspiration constantly. With Bento Cam, I can easily save all kinds of details, in as many albums as I want so I have them on hand when planning the event later."

sine-frandsen-150xSine Frandsen, Event Planner, Aller Media
Copenhagen, Denmark

Discover Bento Cam features

Sorted and shared, in just one tap

"I use Bento Cam to make sure all sketches and brainstorm notes from product meetings are properly documented. When I create a new album, I connect it to our internal Dropbox service, so instantly, my team already has access to them."

Ilia Larionov, Product Design Lead, Shopify
Toronto, Canada


Get unlimited albums. Try Bento Cam today!

Bento is currently in public beta and would love to hear from you.


Few new updates have since been made to the app. Download Bento Cam to get all the latest features!

Happy users with a cleaner camera roll

"The app is ridiculously convenient. I like to take pictures but sorting them out has always been a pain. Bento Cam lets me select the relevant album really quickly without any fiddling. Not to mention that I can quickly snap pictures and select the tag they belong to without any fuss at all. This app has definitely increased the times I choose to take pictures."


- Private beta tester, July 2016


Coming soon: Bento for Web

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Interested in having all of the photos saved to Bento Cam's mobile app, available on the cloud, so you can access your photos across any device? Sign up to be one of the first to know, when it becomes available!