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How it works

We know you take a lot of photos. Vacation shots, whiteboard notes, reminders, and hundreds more. These don’t all go together. This is why we help you put your photos directly where you need them. Instantly. We're all busy people after all.

  • Snap Take all of your photos with Bento Cam. Choose between single, multiple or preset camera modes on the go.
  • Tap Send new photos to your local or cloud-connected collections instantly, or create new ones in seconds.
  • Relax No need to "do it later". Enjoy your neatly organised collections and find them again easily, within the app.
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Photos for work and life. Easily organised.

If you’re anything like us, you use your camera to take photos across work and private life. This is great, but you probably don’t want those vacation shots in the same place as those receipts from your last business trip, right? With Bento Cam you can easily put photos exactly where they belong in seconds.

Connected camera. Existing workflows.

You are most likely using a number of different services to host your files and photos already. We don’t want to add to the confusion. Instead we make your life easier, by connecting your camera directly to the services you already use for work and life.

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Instantly organised photos. Easy to find.

We know you won’t organise your photos later. You have better things to do. That’s why we help you do it instantly as soon as you've taken the photo. The thing is, when photos are neatly organised, they are surprisingly easy to find when you need them. And you can do this, directly within the app.

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  • Trygve Aabye Dam Partner & Co-founder, Volt ApS "Since our business runs festivals all summer long, Bento Cam has helped me manage photos into each event as well as things I can use for inspiration from one festival to another. We've never been so organized!"

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