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How it works

We know you take a lot of photos. Vacation shots, whiteboard notes, reminders, and hundreds more. These don’t all go together. This is why we help you put your photos directly where you need them. Instantly. We're all busy people after all.

  • Snap Take all of your photos with Bento Cam. Choose between single, multiple or preset camera modes on the go.
  • Tap Send new photos to your local or cloud-connected collections instantly, or create new ones in seconds.
  • Relax No need to "do it later". Enjoy your neatly organised collections and find them again easily, within the app.

Zillions of photos. Millions of services. One photo management app.

There’s nothing more unproductive than spending time searching for that one photo you need amongst thousands of photos in your camera roll, or across services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Bento Cam helps you take photos, send them directly to your favourite services, and access them again from one central place.

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For work

Create collections to remember details for each client, project or event. You can also use Bento Cam to sort through your hundreds of screenshots for inspiration and send them directly to the cloud while on the go. Once you’ve given each type of photo a home, you’ll always be able to find it again from within Bento Cam, especially in front of clients or your team.

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For life

Keep track of your hobbies, events and dreams. Take photos and instantly put them into your favourite collections to keep them organized. When you need to find that photo to post to Instagram or Facebook later, you can easily retrieve them again through Bento Cam. No more scrolling through the entire camera roll when you need to show those #urbangarden photos to friends & family.

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For travel

Easily capture all your precious moments and memories from trips, vacations, off-sites, retreats or even shorter weekend adventures with Bento Cam. Organize your photos the second you take them with the special preset mode, and easily find them when you want to relive a memory, share with the world, or create a photo book.

How to use Bento Cam for travel

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  • Trygve Aabye Dam Partner & Co-founder, Volt ApS "Since our business runs festivals all summer long, Bento Cam has helped me manage photos into each event as well as things I can use for inspiration from one festival to another. We've never been so organized!"

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